Your Voice Can Literally Change Lives

Aligning with a powerful moment when citizens from around the country are using their voices, an inspiring group of students have combined to create #OneVoice of love and kindness to share the gift of a unique voice with others.

You may have given blood or donated your hair, but have you considered sharing your voice? Over 2.5 million Americans (tens of millions worldwide) who are living with voicelessness rely on generic sounding computerized voices to communicate. VocaliD is changing that by creating customized voices for them to use on their assistive devices. VocaliD’s breakthrough technology combines the recordings of healthy talkers like ourselves with just a few seconds of sound from the non-speaking person to create a unique vocal identity so that every voice is heard!

Gompers has joined the #OneVoice movement. VocaliD is the voice company that is bringing speaking machines to life. They leverage their voicebank and proprietary voice blending technology to create unique vocal persona for any device that turns text into speech. Preserve your voice, donate your voice for someone who doesn’t have one, and revolutionize voices for “things that talk.” Your voice can literally change lives!

So, how do I bank my voice?

You can share your voice in your own time – whenever it’s convenient for you. All you need is a computer, headset with a microphone and the Google Chrome browser! Use Vocal iD’s Virtual Studio to make it easy for speakers of all ages and backgrounds to submit their speech recordings. Sit and record 10-15 minutes a day until your vocal profile is complete (total of 3 hours)!

What is the Voice Drive and who does it benefit?

Gompers has partnered with Ridgeline Academy – a K-8 charter school in Arizona who has announced their #OneVoice Drive. This is a student-driven initiative to help gift a voice while building Vocal iD’s voice bank.  By participating in the #OneVoice drive, you will be helping individuals to get their own voices and ultimately their own identity.

Want to join? Click here to begin!