Teaching Philosophy

It is with great passion that we celebrate teaching students in the special needs community of learners. As educators, we search to find effective ways to communicate information to our students. Teaching students with special needs requires more than meeting federal law requirements for a fair and appropriate education. Teaching is much more than following state standards and generating Individual Education Plans (IEP). It goes beyond what we think of as typical or customary methods of instruction.

Educators have their own path leading them through a process of self-discovery, which then cultivates and motivates them to reach out to their students. In practicing differentiated learning strategies, students are able to achieve a level of learning that enhances their individuality and creativity and by using positive behavior strategies, we encourage students to reach beyond all expectations.

Teachers must also provide a safe and optimal learning environment focused on interest bearing activities that provide meaningful learning experiences. These experiences take place when a learner’s curiosity is stimulated through a mode and method of instruction that supports a learner’s individual needs.

Reaching beyond the scope and stepping outside of the box is the goal of special educators to lead students, and help them achieve their goals. These strategies, when designed creatively as a team including our therapists launches the desire for learning.

Luz Rodriguez and Suzanne Munguia, GPS K-12 Special Education Teachers