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Understanding the need for water

Oftentimes, people underestimate the comprehension and compassion of people with intellectual disabilities. At Gompers, we never do. Giving back to the community Members in Program Room 30-1 already enjoy volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul to help feed people who are homeless, so understanding the need to distribute cold water in the sweltering heat of […]

Arrupe Project Changes Lives

In 2015 Kaitlyn Lauck, a 7th grader at St. Francis Xavier, raised several hundred dollars to purchase school supplies to support Gompers K-12 special education classrooms. She was personally moved by Gompers mission when she came to deliver the items as students greeted her with open arms and open hearts. Fortunately for us, this year […]

Learning while visiting Arabian Show Barn

by Becky Gurnick, Gompers Private School (GPS) Director of Special Education Providing GPS special needs students opportunities to experience new situations is important to their education and life-skills training. Recently, professional trainer Tony Diaz of Special Arabian Training Center invited GPS to tour his Arabian show barn. The trip allowed the students to experience the […]

Looking forward to 2016

When walking the halls of Gompers one cannot help but to notice a smile has formed so big on your face that it starts to hurt. No matter what is happening in your own life, spending, even just a short time with members means your spirit becomes a little lighter and your day a little […]

Thunderbird Charities provide Gompers with a decade of support

Thunderbird Charities is a cornerstone of support throughout greater Phoenix communities. Contributing to many deserving organizations they truly make a difference in the lives of children and families across the valley.   We are blessed to be the recipient of their support for nearly a decade. Over the last ten years, Thunderbird Charities had given […]

Need assistive technology just DIY!

When you care about someone with a disability, you soon learn the things we often take for granted are not as simple as they seem. We really get that at Gompers because the people we serve through our programs and services are very important to us. Every day our staff works with our students and […]