Developmentally disabled person working at cash register with staff help

Phoenix Business Journal: The Positive Impact of Gompers Students in Business

Gompers President and CEO Shares his view on how developmentally disabled adults can have a positive impact on business with Phoenix Business Journal.
People with disabilities having trouble getting vaccinated

Make a Positive Impact – Working At Gompers

If you want to make a positive impact to someones life, Gompers would be a great place to work. Our members and staff are a continued source of support to those who are developmentally disabled.
Gompers student using assistive technology

Assistive Technology Benefits Gompers Members

Gompers members with complex communication needs have access to life-changing assistive technology services that empower people with disabilities.
Man moving boxes at Gompers business solutions

Business Solution Opportunities with Gompers Gompers Business Services The…
Gompers students at museum happy community

The Power of Community Through the Looking Glass Students…
Gompers members proudly display water collected
Communicating with People with Disabilities
Gompers members proudly display water collected

Understanding the need for water

Oftentimes, people underestimate the comprehension and compassion…