Thunderbird Charities provide Gompers with a decade of support

TBCharities-4CThunderbird Charities is a cornerstone of support throughout greater Phoenix communities. Contributing to many deserving organizations they truly make a difference in the lives of children and families across the valley.


We are blessed to be the recipient of their support for nearly a decade. Over the last ten years, Thunderbird Charitiesteacher working with student
had given nearly $212K to Gompers in an effort to support the empowerment of individuals with disabilities. Their impact on the lives of our students and members has been significant. From funding our sensory room, where students and members have the opportunity actively engage in learning techniques that regulate their behaviors by stimulating their nervous system, to resurfacing our indoor basketball court where our “Special Olympians” learn about the importance of physical fitness, competition and teamwork, Thunderbird Charities has been on the forefront of ensuring that these integral opportunities remain in forward motion.  In addition, their contribution to the building of the infrastructure of our assistive technology program has given our students and members an opportunity to perform tasks that were once beyond their scope of reality.


Thunderbirds Charities m003ost recent generous contribution to our K-12 special education school funded improvements in equipment, teaching materials, innovative curriculum and training to ensure our students will receive individualized and innovative support through a structured educational environment. Students are maximizing their abilities and developing important  life skills leading to their successful transition to adulthood.


For many, the Thunderbirds have helped turn dreams into reality. Here at Gompers, we provide a space that emphasizes growth and development, that values each person’s abilities, and that guides individuals to reach their true potential, treating all who come through our doors with the dignity and respect they deserve. We are so grateful to Thunderbird Charities for supporting us in these endeavors.