Day Training for Adults (DTA)

Now with two Valley Campuses, Gompers DTA programs are filled with members engaged in activities that allow them to practice and improve their skills while developing meaningful personal relationships. Gompers is more than a place to come to; it’s a place where people can belong and feel valued.

  • Inclusive Community

    Our program focuses on activities in the community where members can explore what they are learning, while practicing life and communication skills guided by trained staff.

  • Financial literacy

    We seek to teach basic money management based on our members’ personal goals. We believe these are skills that can transform an individual’s self-confidence and independence.

  • Health and fitness

    Good health is a number one priority for any person! That’s why Gompers works with each members’ personal goals to teach skills such as personal boundaries, to expand social skills, to stay on task, tailored physical exercises and activities aimed to strengthen visual and manual dexterity.

  • Life-skills

    We strive to use every opportunity to assist our members in developing the skills necessary for independence. Preparing members for independence and self-sufficiency is an integral part of our philosophy.

  • Pre-vocational training

    Meeting the pre-vocational training needs of Gompers’ members is as highly individualized as the people we serve. By focusing on each individual’s abilities, possibilities abound.

  • Special Olympics

    We love staying active! Competing at a local Special Olympics tournament is a wonderful activity for communication, community integration, physical fitness and overall wellness. Members are encouraged to try out for a team that interests them and go for the gold. Go Gators!

  • Arts and science programs

    Interested members have the opportunity to create individual and group art projects using various mediums, with the goal to strengthen their self-confidence and to encourage creativity.

  • Utilizing assistive technology

    AT is embedded into daily routines to provide our students and members with access to various assistive or adaptive products, devices and equipment.

  • Seniors Program

    Individuals with disabilities ages 50+ can elect to enter our Seniors program. Here, they have the opportunity to remain active while continuing to practice life-skills and remain socially engaged with their peers.

Making a difference in our community

Gompers members add great value to our community. Collectively, our members donate over 7,000 hours annually volunteering at nonprofit agencies serving important community needs. Some of their volunteer efforts are highlighted below. In addition to volunteering, Gompers members visit libraries, parks, museums, restaurants and many other locations to develop and practice safe social skills.