Exploring our world through science

Gompers Day Training for Adults (DTA) program has begun embarking on a journey of discovery with our new science initiative! Each month all of the DTA program rooms explore a new topic culminating in a month-end celebration of everything they learned.

DTA VolcanoBeginning last May, our members learned what happens when the earth trembles from inside and boils over. They discussed, researched, and even created working volcanoes! It was a lot of fun but boy did they create a mess! A friendly competition in the parking lot celebrated the completion of the experiments.

In June, members went to the moon! Rockets and Space were all the buzz on campus. The members learned about the planets and how astronauts were able to reach the stars. With an exciting, early morning countdown, our members launch the rockets they made outside of Gompers Boundless Park™ and Playground. The rocket that went the highest won the competition.

July brought out the creepy crawlers! Sometimes things can be deceiving, like when a caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly or when a lonely ant becomes part of an active colony. DTA members were enthralled watching the changes and creation that took place right before their eyes. Each morning was a rush of excitement to observe the changes that had occurred the night before!

Who knows where their discovery will lead them next… Stay tuned!