Gompers’ future is bright

By Mark Jacoby

Gompers is excited to embark on our STRATEGIC VISION 2020. Over the span of several months, Gompers’ team came together to chart a course that will take us to 2020 and our 73rd year. We took a critical look at every facet of our organization to determine where our strengths and opportunities for growth lie and, most importantly, in what ways can we serve the community, our families and our members and students even better. We focused our Vision on three distinct areas: Programmatic, Technology and Culture.

Programmatic: This is more than simply about growth — though growth is going to occur. Already, we have begun an intensive evaluation of how we are going to expand our DTA services kandi cropped for facebookinto other parts of the community. The emphasis of Employment Services will shift from Center Based Employment to integrated community settings while continuing to ensure individual choice and a spectrum of opportunities. Our school will enhance educational opportunities through the expanded use of technology for individuals of all ability levels. Finally, we will grow and develop senior services for those with disabilities, something that will more than likely bring about our first foray into Home and Community Services.

Technology: Gompers’ Board, Administration and staff have made an indelible commitment to making Gompers a leader in assistive technology services for those with developmental mickey slim shotdisabilities. By collaborating with a wide variety of community partners, we are looking to become a resource not only for those we serve but also the community at large — all built around measurable outcomes.

Culture: All of this sounds great, but, in the words of Jim Collins, if we don’t get the right people on the right seat of the bus, we simply won’t be successful. In order to accomplish our lofty goals, we are embarking on a plan that will enable us to better develop our staff by providing more opportunities for internal advancement and creating a culture of success. Gompers’ staff simply must be the best in order for Gompers to be the best, so without question our focus will be on attracting and retaining the highest quality staff available.

As you can see, we have laid out an aggressive plan, and it is one we are confident we can accomplish. We won’t do it alone, though. We are going to turn to our community partners for the necessary resources — financial, intellectual and material. Already we are developing exciting opportunities that hint at unlimited possibilities. I am excited about our strategic goals for the next six years and would invite you to reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more.

Mark Jacoby is the executive director of Gompers.