Genentech engages Gompers’ in a day of fun

By Jeremiah Rojo, DTA Supervisor

Thursday, April 23rd turned out to be a day of laughter, bowling challenges and fun for Gompers Day Training for Adults (DTA) members, made possible by generous hosting from Genentech Inc.

Our members’ morning began by meeting with fellow peers and staff to go over the day’s event. Everyone was excited to get to Main Event to eat pizza and go bowling! Our hostess, Holly, greeted us with welcoming arms and escorted us to our reserved area. All of our clients were smiling as they began to see where they were going to bowl and they waited patiently for the delicious food to be served. After everyone ate, the staff from Genentech greeted us with enthusiasm and smiles.

Genentech staff with Gompers members

Bowling started and all of our members were extremely happy and pumped to play!! The Genentech staff was devoted to assisting our clients during their game of bowling. Joyous cheering was at its highest as the pins came knocking down, which resulted in high fives all around as our clients continued rolling bowling balls down the lanes. It was non-stop excitement and fun for all the entire Gompers team.

Genentech staff helps

Our day ended with pictures and hugs with Genentech attendees. It was a bitter sweet ending to our joyous special event and everyone left with a belly full of food and a smile.

John cropped out_IMG_0633

Executive Director Mark Jacoby expressed his personal gratitude for the effort Genentech extended to make the day special for everyone involved. “Community integration and a sense of being welcomed and belonging is so important for the individuals we serve – just as it is for everyone. We greatly appreciate corporate partners who are willing to reach out to engage individuals with disabilities by including us in their activities.”

This is the second year that Genentech Inc., a biotechnology corporation and a subsidiary of Roche headquartered in San Francisco, has given back to the community by engaging Gompers DTA members in a day of interaction and fun. For more than 30 years, Genentech has followed the science and sought solutions to unmet medical needs. As a proud member of the Roche Group, Genentech continues in their efforts to make medicines to treat patients with serious medical conditions.