Gompers DTA member finds volunteer work fulfilling

By Josie C.

josie c bags chipsI have been going to St. Vincent de Paul’s food bank for about six months. One of the things  I enjoy most is I know I am helping others in need.

When we go to the food bank, we work on different jobs packing food like cookies, chips and peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich for the snack packs. After all the work is done, we get to enjoy eating lunch and talking to other people. The thing I love most is I’m doing my best to help.

I really love going every week. I feel very happy to be helping the homeless.

I really like working with my peers at the food bank. Every time it’s time to leave, I go knowing I did my best and knowing I helped others.

Josie C. is a member in Gompers Day Training Program Room 30-6.