Arizona Channel 3 Highlights Reader Pens at Gompers

Reader pens are a win at Gompers!

KTVK New Channel 3 Arizona followed coverage on Gompers and how Reader pens have done amazing things for our students skills and confidence. In an article from this year, you can watch as Channel 3 brings the use of Reader Pens at Gompers to light.

Each Reader Pen has helped Gompers students by allowing then to hear printed text aloud. As our developmentally disabled students move through our community, this assistive technology can make a big difference. This device contributes to literacy independence, comprehension, and even increases students social skills.

Reading Technology at Gompers

As an organization made up of people who are passionate about assisting individuals with disabilities, we at Gompers utilize this technology to help students achieve their highest level of independence.

Jack Churchill, Co-Founder and CEO of Scanning Pens, said, “Gompers have been incredibly vocal about what the ReaderPens have done to assist their people, right from day one. Their feedback, and others like them, have helped us shape the support we provide. Every time we find ourselves featured on a respected news source; it just further reinforces that our hard work is allowing us to deliver reading aid to those that really need it.”

If you would like to learn more about what we do at Gompers or would like to donate to our cause visit our website today!

To view more see studies on Reader Pens visit their YouTube Channel.