Assistive Technology Benefits Gompers Members

Changing Lives

Gompers members with complex communication needs have access to life-changing assistive technology services that empower people with disabilities. With the use of the assistive technology department and tools that Gompers provides students with the confidence needed to increase their overall progress in learning and communicating.

Technology Tools for Change

Tools like like assistive technology help students with certain disabilities learn more effectively. There is a range of technologies like graphic organizer worksheets to cutting-edge software and smartphone apps. These tools help students gain more confidence in their abilities and make a difference in the abilities in how students learn and comprehend information.

Students at Gompers have access to smart charts for device users through computer tools sequences for users to practice and learn out in the field.

Support Gompers

If you are interested in supporting our cause please visit our website and find the time to donate to our mission of empowering people with disabilities.