Developmentally disabled person working at cash register with staff help

Phoenix Business Journal: The Positive Impact of Gompers Students in Business

Gompers President and CEO Shares his view on how developmentally disabled adults can have a positive impact on business with Phoenix Business Journal.

Everyday talented individuals step foot into the work world to support our community with a variety of positions, and many are developmentally disabled.

With our help and through our employment services program, Gompers can support our disabled students through hands on learning to achieve new levels of independence. Theses learned experiences drive new opportunities for our students to make a positive impact in the working world. Gompers is proud to provide essential services to individuals that teach required skills to be successful in the workplace.

As a number one resource for individuals with developmental disabilities, we at Gompers Habilitation Center exist for our families. Our staff and community are passionate about providing outstanding services to all people with disabilities and their families.

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