A Day At Gompers Private School

Gompers Leads the Way for The Developmentally Disabled

Gompers Private School of Phoenix serves children with developmental disabilities grades 1-12. We are an organization made up of people who are passionate about assisting individuals with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence and productivity in our community.

At Gompers, our expertise is providing education and teaching skills to manage day-to-day functions with individuals that need assistive care. We understand that parents need a trusted place they can turn to help provide special education for their family members with disabilities. The strong team at Gompers is here to help.

Our person-centered platform acknowledges each person’s right to determine and achieve his or her personal goals. Working with the staff and executives at Gompers enables each caregiver the ability to set challenging goals to improve the lives their loved ones.

Our personalized educational platforms meet each individual’s needs to help them achieve better independence.

With large classrooms, we offer ample space to move around with the supportive staff. We have a very low student to staff ratio to give each student the individualized learning and understanding needed to adapt to each situation.

If you would like to learn more about our programs or donate to our cause, visit our website today!