Gompers DTA members at Brophy Game Day, reopening plan

Gompers to Reopen Day Treatment Centers on Sept. 14 to Serve Individuals with Developmental Disabilities During Pandemic

Gompers to Reopen Day Treatment Centers

Individuals with developmental disabilities need assistance whether there’s a pandemic or not. Now, one of the Valley’s most renowned nonprofit agencies is reopening the doors to its Day Treatment Centers to help.

Gompers, a Phoenix-based nonprofit, provides a broad spectrum of services to individuals with developmental disabilities — but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many of those services were put on hold. The result has been a difficult change for more than 500 individuals who rely on Gompers’ services every day.

Gompers provided in-home services during the pandemic, resumed its groundbreaking Employment Services program on August 10, and opened Gompers Private School for students on August 17. Now the organization will reopen its two Day Treatment Centers to a limited number of adults with developmental disabilities on September 14.

A Phased Reopening Plan

The reopening will be phased over time with a limited number of members at any given time open to resuming services.

Gompers has worked closely with HealthyVerify on its opening plan and recently received certification from the organization for its efforts. HealthyVerify works with businesses to implement strict health and safety procedures that help protect their employees and customers.

HealthyVerify certified-businesses are taking smart steps to reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases to visitors and employees. Businesses may only display the HealthyVerify Certification if they implement procedures and agree to ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance.

“We are able to proceed with the reopening of our Day Treatment Centers in Phoenix and Peoria because of the groundwork that was laid since we temporarily suspended these services in March 2020,” said Chuck Foley, Interim Executive Director of Gompers. “While these programs will re-open at partial capacity, we will be ready to serve dozens of adults who greatly benefit from the services we provide. We are excited and look forward to seeing them in person and helping them and our return to a semblance of normalcy.”

About Gompers

For nearly 75 years, Gompers has served people with disabilities in the Phoenix metro area with a holistic focus on the needs of the individual. As a core value, Gompers recognizes and celebrates that each person brings a unique set of abilities, skill sets, and potential to our organization. The result is that Gompers’ daily environment is rich with insight, humor, humility, compassion, and genuine caring about the needs of others. For more information about Gompers, visit gompers.org.