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Arizona Channel 3 Highlights Reader Pens at Gompers

KTVK New Channel 3 Arizona followed coverage on Gompers and how Reader pens have done amazing things for our students skills and confidence. In an article from this year, you can watch as Channel 3 brings the use of Reader Pens at Gompers to light.
Developmentally disabled woman works on tablet

Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Developmentally Disabled and Their Caregivers

The coronavirus is top of mind in the news today and we all know that there are many risks to catching this, or any, virus. One group of people that this discussion hasn't included is the developmentally disabled adults that we continue to support.
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Gompers Makes Reading Easier For Students With Disabilities

Fox 10 News showcases our integration with new technology that we are incorporating at Gompers Phoenix.
Gompers student using assistive technology

Assistive Technology Benefits Gompers Members

Gompers members with complex communication needs have access to life-changing assistive technology services that empower people with disabilities.
Communicating with People with Disabilities
Communicating with People with Disabilities
Communicating with People with Disabilities

Thunderbird Charities provide Gompers with a decade of support

Thunderbird Charities is a cornerstone of support throughout…
Communicating with People with Disabilities

Need assistive technology just DIY!

When you care about someone with a disability, you soon learn…