October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Special Programs and Financial Relief for Special Needs Families

Special Programs and Financial Relief for Special Needs Families

Childhood disabilities entail a range of immediate and long-term economic costs that have important implications for the well-being of the child, the family, and society, but that are also difficult to measure. There are several direct out-of-pocket costs...
Gompers DTA members at Brophy Game Day, reopening plan

Gompers to Reopen Day Treatment Centers on Sept. 14 to Serve Individuals with Developmental Disabilities During Pandemic

Gompers to institute a reopening plan for day treatment centers on September 14th to serve individuals with developmental disabilities during the pandemic.
Gompers private school building

Gompers Prepares to Reopen Doors to Serve Developmentally Disabled Population During Pandemic

Organization Will Phase Reopening of Programs and Locations PHOENIX (August…
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Gompers’ In-Home Services Provide Support, Reprieve for Valley Families 

The pressures on today’s parents are considerable, from providing a safe and stable home to managing school demands and extracurricular schedules. For parents whose children have special needs, the load is even greater.
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Business Solution Opportunities with Gompers

https://youtu.be/otSX8s-uayQ Gompers Business Services The…
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The Power of Community

https://youtu.be/sNfuJY4h9YQ Through the Looking Glass Students…
Gompers students at museum happy community

Looking forward to 2016

When walking the halls of Gompers one cannot help but to notice…
Gompers students at museum happy community

Need assistive technology just DIY!

When you care about someone with a disability, you soon learn…