Gompers Reopening Plan

While this plan is continuing to evolve, we are excited to provide our preliminary reopening plan.

Thanks to Governor Ducey’s recent press conference, private schools and districts have been given the right to manage our reopening plan start date. With that, we are excited to announce that Gompers Private School is set for in-person instruction is set for August 17th.

In the meantime, we are excited to open our school virtually with a remote start to the school year beginning on August 3rd. Online education using Google Classroom and our Readtopia curriculum will be the primary form of instruction.

Throughout this challenging time, we have been engaged in setting the right procedures to reopen in person. Even when we reopen, things will look different. While this plan is continuing to evolve, some very clear steps are coming into focus:

  • Employment Services will resume services on a limited basis August 10th
  • School is scheduled to resume virtually on August 3rd. In-person on August 17th
  • DTA will resume at some point after this
  • Transportation Services will resume a minimum of 30 days after programs reopen

In all of these cases, transportation services will only be available to our members who utilize a wheelchair and some students.

We thank you all for your patience as we have navigated these challenges for reopening. We are excited to see your smiling facing again soon. Remember, you can always reach me at mjacoby@gompers.org or 602.283.39333. In addition, we’ve created the email connect@gompers.org for your convenience as well.